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Captain Luu's Group Chat Moderator  Application Empty Captain Luu's Group Chat Moderator Application

Post by Captain Luu on Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:17 am

3)Time Zone:Eastern Standard
4)SteamRep Link:
Available Hours daily (e.g 2-5 PM weekdays, 1-8 PM weekends):

Almost all day on weekends, weekdays involve school, special occasions may occur during these days. Weekdays: around 3pm-10pm Weekends: 8am-12pm

5)Do you meet all of the qualifications for this position: Yes
Are you able to perform the key responsibilities for this position: Yes

6)Have you memorized our group chat rules: Yes

7)Previous experiences as a group chat moderator/admin (give details on what you did):
It was only recent I became a moderator, but I have managed to host about four giveaways and manage them, while also managing others giveaway. I have also observed and studied how some of these giveaways have been run

8)What does being a group chat moderator mean to you?
It means being responsible for ones own actions and the protection of others within the chat. If duty is to be served, allow me to serve. I also would like to help continue the growth of this group, by trying to get more regulars to stay in the chat

9)What do you expect to get in return for being a group chat moderator?

Nothing special, other then to continue talking in the chat with the fellow members i have become friends with, and to meet others along the way. To be able to assist in anything, such as giveaways at any time.

10)Are you the kind of person that would take other member's opinions into consideration when basing your judgement on a kick or ban?

Yes, because a story always has two or more faces, one cannot judge without learning the other half of the story, and understanding both sides. This is the only way true judgement is served

11)Additional information to support your application (please take the time to write something that would support your application here; applications that ignore to give out any additional information will most likely be declined):

Being in the group for about 5 months, I have met and befriended many people, whose memories i cherish. CGC is such a friendly community, and I would gladly spend every second just sitting in the group. Everyone inside is friendly towards one another, and there really is no hate to go around. Those whom I befriended are extremely good friends, and are very trustworthy to me. I hope I can continue the amazing adventures and befriend new people along the way with such a marvelous group <3.

I am also supported for a moderator position by Smurf, and Unity. (I was there because of them, I owe them)

Captain Luu
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