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Legend's Moderator Application Empty Legend's Moderator Application

Post by -=Legend=- on Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:06 pm

1) Fluent in written English : Yes
2) Highly self-motivated : Yes
3) Works well independently, but also able to follow instructions : Yes
4) Responsible and mature : Yes
5) Conscious individual : Yes

Key responsibilities:
As a Group Chat Moderator, you will be required to:
1) Stay on the group chat whenever you are online to monitor the chat
2) Engage in meaningful conversation to get the group chat going during non-event times.
3) Assist with any group chat events whenever possible
4) Enforce the group chat rules by warning, kicking, and banning.
5) Record chat logs of any unusual incidents and report to an admin about it
6) Proudly represent Cakes Gaming Community as a moderator.
I can do all of those

Group Chat Moderator Application Format:

Time Zone:GMT
SteamRep Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088036898/
Available Hours daily (e.g 2-5 PM weekdays, 1-8 PM weekends): Weekdays: 1-5 PM 6-9 PM
Weekends 8-11 AM 1-5 PM 6-9 PM
Do you meet all of the qualifications for this position:I think so
Are you able to perform the key responsibilities for this position:Yes
Have you memorized our group chat rules:Yes

Previous experiences as a group chat moderator/admin (give details on what you did): I am A leader so I usually work with chat and banning players that dont follow the rules

What does being a group chat moderator mean to you? Someone with power and needs to keep responsibilities with that power

What do you expect to get in return for being a group chat moderator? All I would like is respect

Are you the kind of person that would take other member's opinions into consideration when basing your judgement on a kick or ban? Yes but depending on what was said or done

Additional information to support your application (please take the time to write something that would support your application here; applications that ignore to give out any additional information will most likely be declined): Stuff about me: Most players like me being in chat I'm quite friendly and nice
I respect players/people with a higher rank them me and I can keep rules in order

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