Official Nintendo Emulator for PC

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Official Nintendo Emulator for PC

Post by randomguy_21 on Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:59 am

What would you guys think about an official program by nintendo for your pc that lets you purchase roms and play them.
It would be similar to steam but with old nintendo games and have a built in emulator, of course this isn't real so none of this is permanent if you have something to say or you think would be cool say so! Very Happy
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Re: Official Nintendo Emulator for PC

Post by RVK250 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:15 am

I think it's a neat idea. Especially if a) it worked flawlessly, and b) they got a bunch of publishers involved to release their old games. They'd never do it, but it would be interesting if they did.

I already have nearly all of the Genesis releases available on Steam, but then, SEGA's not asking me to buy retro games on their current-gen console. They might if there was a Dreamcast 2... tongue

I recall Nintendo was toying with releasing games on phones or something semi-recently, but as a hardware producer, they know they have to keep their platforms strong, and part of that means exclusivity, even if they're old titles.

On one hand, they might get my money if they released things like this on PC. On the other hand, I then have one less reason to support their platforms. I also don't represent the public at large, though, the best path is for them to figure out.

What I really want is a legal GBA emulator. I never got to play things like FFTA, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars...

But really, if it's a Steam-like service, it could cover multiple old platforms.

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