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madmax in tha house!

Post by madmax3004 on Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:04 am

Introduction Format
Steam Username: madmax3004
Steam Profile Link:
Age: /
Country: Belgium

Favorite Steam Game (explain!): Probably the Bioshock series, I love the "darker" feel it has, the mystery about certain things that happen, and ofcourse the plot twists, not to forget the plasmids, I mean, those things own, anyway, my 2nd favourite game/series is Portal II, I think it is one of the, if not the best puzzle game out there, the storyline is epic, I love all of the Easter eggs and secrets xD, and GLaDos' humor is just the best.
Favorite TF2 Class/Weapon/Map (explain!) probably the spy, as I love being sneaky and all of that, not really a fav weapon or map, love all of them.

How did you find Cakes Gaming Community/Why did you join Cakes Gaming Community: I found it through the giveaways, and I was like, sounds cool, let's join Razz
What you like about Cakes Gaming Community: first of all; the giveaways are epic, second; the community is pretty nice, and I love cake  Razz 

And anything else you want to add!
I usually play minecraft/terraria, bussy on Bioshock I again, I also do youtube, though I'm starting a new channel with 2 friends of mine, we will play all kinds of games, do gameplays, minigames, and all of that stuff, will be pretty fun I guess.

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