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Post by Mizuki on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:06 pm

The Cakes Gaming Community is a friendly community and to ensure that everyone have a good forum experience, please follow these signature guidelines

1) Signature images must not exceed 500 (width) x 250 (height) in size (this is to ensure that your forum replies do not take a big amount of space from the threads you reply in)
2) Signatures can contain multiple images, but do not clutter your signature with too many images.
3) Keep all images within your signature PG-13 as this is a family friendly forum.
4) Don't put referral links and or anything related to advertising of other websites without the permission of a forum Moderator or a forum Admin.
5) Keep all text within your signature PG-13.
6) Do not insult and or show disrespectful behavior towards our community members within your signature.
7) Anything related to "raging" within your signature will be removed from your signature. If there is a problem that you feel needs to be addressed within our community, make a suggestion thread here, otherwise contact one of our Admins for help.

Signatures that have broken the following rules will face the following:
- signature edited by a Moderator
- signature deleted by a Moderator
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Signature Guidelines Empty FGD

Post by FGD on Sun May 11, 2014 1:35 pm



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