Hi my name is, why my name is, who my name is...X4vi0uR

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Hi my name is, why my name is, who my name is...X4vi0uR

Post by X4vi0uR on Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:16 pm

Steam Username: X4vi0uR
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/x4vi0ur/

Age: 22
Country: Italy

Favorite Steam Game (explain!): I enjoy playing Team Fortress 2 since it integrates in a really good and funny way playing as a team, also I love playing Killing Floor, a good and mindless shooter where you have to survive with your teammates acting as a squad (I really love playing on custom servers with new weapons and Zed types),
Favorite TF2 Class/Weapon/Map (explain!): as a class I love the Pyro, I love burning people to a crisp or reflecting the grenades and rockets they try to launch at me. As a weapon I love the sticky launcher, since it's fun to lay traps like on the control points and then when the other team after an enormous struggle manages to get 2-3 members on it you from your base with a huge grin press that 2nd mouse button and look at the kill counter to see the aftermath and frustration you just deployed. As a Map I like the Fright control point one since when you play as a Spy or as a Pyro you can just infiltrate beyond the enemy lines by using the water canals that flow through all the map.

How did you find Cakes Gaming Community/Why did you join Cakes Gaming Community: I found the gaming community via a raffle group for a giveaway. I joined it for the giveaway but now I'm taking a liking to this community since I see active users and passionate people who really seem to desire to improve the experience of all the other members.
What you like about Cakes Gaming Community: the staff members seem cool people and the community is a lot of fun and really easy-going. Those are important fundments to build a strong and fun group. That's what really hit me in a positive way.

About me...I like anime, books, music (I even create my own beats) and cinema. I think I'm a funny person and I really don't take anything seriously (unless it's really something important, then I become the most strict person in the universe, and also I'm the kind of fishy and sadistic guy who bully douchebags when they deserve it, but without taking it too far, just staying in the fun side of the jokes).
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