Hello! I am AeronPotato!

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Hello! I am AeronPotato! Empty Hello! I am AeronPotato!

Post by AeronPotato™ on Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:35 am

I am High Lord AeronPotato.

I am the overlord of all potatokind. I have taken a human host body. I am going to take over your world. You humans will fall to the might of the POTATO Nation. You cannot find us. Each potato-related product you eat only increases the ease with which a sentient potato will take over your body. I will lead my subjects in triumph through you. You are confused. But soon you shall be enlightened. You wonder why people turn on each other. You wonder why there are wars. It is all my doing. You now know too much. You will be taken over soon. Enjoy your last days of freedom. It is only a matter of time before a sentient potato finds its way into your system.

Just kidding! I'm actually a young Asian boy living in America. I play TF2 in all the time I can spare. I think this community is off to a great start, and I'd love to see it grow. Herp derp. I participate in as many events that I can. I think that there are plenty of events and I am way too competitive in them. :L Well, happy gaming!

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