About Cakes Gaming Clan / Clan Application

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About Cakes Gaming Clan / Clan Application

Post by Sekai on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:36 am

The Cakes Gaming Clan is a branch of the Cakes Gaming Community for the members that participate in our events, group chats, and giveaways at a regular basis.   The clan members are known as Cakers.

The clan will hold regular giveaways and events specifically made for Cakers, and thus not available to the other members of the community.  

Acceptance to our Clan is currently invite-only from a Clan admin/moderator.  To get invited, please be active on our Cakes Gaming Community group chat.   Alternatively, you can directly ask a staff member for an invite, but please note that you will need to be well-known in the group before we do invite you.

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