Hello, I am Laces115!

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Hello, I am Laces115!

Post by Laces115 on Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:39 pm

Steam Username: Laces115

Profile Link: Need a dispe- uhh a link here!

Age: Soon to be 666 16 years old.

Country: United States.

Favorite Steam Game: Counter-Strike: Source. Why? Because of the community mods and maps, especially "Zombie Escape", which is a Point A -to- Point B gamemode, featuring bosses, multiple levels, and unique weapons and items and stuff, while survivng against zombies that are chasing you throughout the map. Jolly good fun I say!

Favorite TF2 Class, Weapon, and Map: Class: Engineer, Because I love making support buildings, especially the Sentry Gun.
Gun: The Pomson, the best weapon for me as an Engie, with infinite ammo, and the satisfaction of getting a kill with the slower-moving lasers (which require accurate aiming).
Map: None really, but almost all Versus Saxton Hale maps are good, as I like the Freak Fortress 2 gamemode a lot, as it is basically a boss fighting gamemode with LOTS of playable bosses, which the Red Team fights against.

I found the group after I was invited by a friend of mine. I joined it because I love giveaway groups. I am an admin in a small number of them, and I plan on doing some giveaways to help out.  Very Happy 
I really like that the giveaways are free (not raffles with buy-ins). The friendly admins and members, along with an organized structure (rules, events, selecting of winners, etc.), is a definite plus.

Finally, just wanna say hello to everyone, and I hope we all have a good time!

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