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Post by Sekai on Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:56 pm

General Forums FAQ

What purpose does this forum website serve?
This forum allows members and Cakers to connect more closely together than in a Steam Group.  This forum website will also let the administrators and moderators of the community to more efficiently communicate with our members and hold forums-only giveaways and events.  Furthermore, this forum will eventually replay the Steam Group Forums, as the Steam Forums do not have all of the functions that a forum website will have.

What are the Forum Rules?
Please check here for forum rules that apply throughout the entire forum.  Each forum category might also have its own special rules section.  For the General Chat rules, go here .  For Trade Chat rules, go here .

I received an error message saying '[...]Please contact the Administrator' while trying to post/edit something on the forums.  What do I do?
Please contact Sekai or contact any of forum admins.

I have a question related to the community but it is not addressed in this FAQ.  What do I do now?
Please check this FAQ .

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