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Littlemadtiger's Public Relations Moderator Application Empty Littlemadtiger's Public Relations Moderator Application

Post by littlemadtiger on Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:32 am

General Information
0) Are you able to perform all of the core responsibilities listed above?  If no, please mention which ones you cannot perform.-Yes
1) Steam Username: ^ESS^NightTiger(CGC)
2) Steam Profile Link:
3) Age:-Private(Prefer not to say)
4) Time zone: MST(Mountain Standard Time)
5) Your available hours on a daily basis (e.g weekdays 2 PM-8 PM, weekends 12 PM-10 PM) :
Weekdays 4:30pm-6:30pm and weekends 10:00am-`12:00am (Schedule might change soon due to baseball and more college, idk yet)

7)Do you prefer working independently with minimum instructions or do you prefer supervised work with instructions?
-Supervision first just to make sure i'm what y'all want as a moderator, then slowly over time more independent.
8 )Why do you want to apply for this position?
-I love hearing all sides of an argument before making a choice. Doing this job for CGC, helps me to better understand the communities views on its' growth, the events and giveaways done by the group, and much more. I also enjoy being influential; there shouldn't be any problem with doing this.
9) How would you approach a member of the group and start a conversation with them?
- Honesty, appreciation, and politeness first. Regardless of their day, how the feel, what goes on with their boyfriends/girlfriends, etc, i'm only here to hear a positive and negative side of opinions on the group without the "fantasy". Nevertheless, all members I talk to will be given the fullest of respect, dignity, and honor as if they were guests being invited into a house.
10) Describe your personality.
-Chatty: I love conversation and some of my friends will definitely say I am not a shy person about that.
-Sarcastic: Oh yes, baby! I'm bringing back the -Sar is Sarcasm.(however, this is only directed towards true friends on steam, not members of the community; unless they're really messed up.)
-Helpful- Providing assurance for a specific question is my #1 favorite thing to do. I've learned to control myself when things don't go as planned as they should.
-Formal: ALL MY FRIENDS WILL TELL YOU THIS! I like to use Good sir, Swell madam, and delightful a lot in my chat texts, and sometimes in live-talk on Skype.

Additional Information
11) How often do you participate in our group chat?
-Often lately. I like to come on when I can assure that i'm 100% online. I will participate in Giveaways and Chat events often to; I'll even sometimes come in for a little chat with some new friends, I have made here at CGC.
12) Any additional information that you want to add to support your application (e.g referrals from current moderators)
-None due to the fact that a lot of my work was independent and I really didn't talk much to the staff team at diff. server groups.
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