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Birdboy628's Application Empty Birdboy628's Application

Post by Birdboy628 on Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:35 pm

Birdboy628's Group Moderator Application:

General Information
0) Are you able to perform all 5 of the core responsibilities listed above? If no, please mention which ones you cannot perform.
1) Steam Username: Birdboy628
2) Steam Profile Link:
3) Age: 13 7/6/00
4) Time zone: +12
5) Your available hours on a daily basis (e.g weekdays 2 PM-8 PM, weekends 12 PM-10 PM) : Weekdays 4 PM-10 PM, weekends 9 AM-10 PM

Previous experiences
6) List and describe your previous experiences as a mod/admin of an online community: Admin at ATRG and mod at Unreal-TF2R

7) Do you prefer working independently with minimum instructions or do you prefer supervised work with instructions? Independently
Cool Why do you want to apply for this position? For more reputation and self achievement.
9) What do you plan to accomplish as a group moderator? More reputation
10) What would you like to change about our community, if anything? Nothing

Additional Information
11) How often do you participate in our group events/giveaways? A lot
12) Any additional information that you want to add to support your application (e.g referrals from current forum members) Sekai you know me, im admin of ATRG.

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Birdboy628's Application Empty Re: Birdboy628's Application

Post by littlemadtiger on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:40 pm

Birdboy, I see a couple things that I want to point out to you. One, if you are aiming for self reputation, your better off searching for another group. Second, if you could please provide the links to the groups you are apart of on the staff team, that would be appreciated.
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