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[Group Chat Ban Appeal] - HaXoR_DB

Post by jasonmbrown on Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:35 am

Time: 1:49am 4/13/14 PST
Moderator: Unity
Reason for ban: Full Cap Sentence + ... Not Quite racism? + Talking back to Moderator? (I think Although I'm not sure)
Exact sentence posted was: "IMA CANADIAN FK AMURICA -linebreak- Very Happy" *Which I didn't mean in any seriousness, Also I posted shortly below This image http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Type+of+gamers.+imo+Canadians+are+fucking+niggers+when+it_4d6a6b_5075188.png that was linked to in the chat, Which got me riled up a bit*

It was originally a kick, So I quickly Rejoined, And opened up the Group page that has the rules on it to go over them again. But the chat Told me what I had done wrong, After which Unity said "find out what you did wrong and appeal in the ban appeal section. have fun doing that". I added unity to my friends list because I was unsure Where the ban appeal section was, I couldn't find it on the steam Group page *I thought he was refering to the rule which says:

"More often than not, we ban users from our group chat as a form of warning. Thus, our bans are usually always appealable. You can only appeal a ban 24 hours after the time in which you were banned. You cannot appeal a ban during a chat event. To appeal a ban, please contact the administrator or moderator that banned you. If you do not remember who banned you, please contact an administrator. If you were banned from our chat before, then the appeal becomes more difficult. Please talk to an administrator if this is the case.

Failing to follow proper chat ban appeal procedure can result in a prolonged or permanent chat ban.
Note: you might wanna fix that so other people don't add the person who banned them, and post a link to Here? As I had no Idea where to find this page from the Rules page on the steam group

Why I should be Unbanned:
Well Instead of using "!" I've gotten used to using all caps, Its more of a habit when I'm "shouting" and I find it easier then typeing "!" although alot of people do find it bothersome I don't use it to spam, and I dont believe I overuse it *ive never had anyone complain to me about caps*. I'm still not used to the strict rules of Cakes Gaming Community, And I was unaware of what I actually had done Right away. I still need to get used to The stricter Chat rules, I'm fairly new to steam groups and I treat it a lot like a large Skype chat, But i need to change my ideas on that, as a steam group such as this does not seem to be simply a large group of friends.

After the first time I was kicked I immediately Checked the rules (I had forgotten about this Until I spoke Briefly With Unity right after my ban so I could find the forums), to find out what I had done wrong. And I have tried my best to not break them again, Even if accidentally. I Don't spam during events, If I say anything at all its usually a meaningful thank you sentence. I Do use emotes, But I try not to spam them Iv'e gotten very used to Putting Smiley faces at the end of everything I say (usually I only use 1 Smiley per sentence and its just a "Smile" Or a "=)". Not the steam Emotes just text based.

I enjoy the Steam group as its the most active group that I'm in. I would really Appreciate a second chance to not screw up =)

PS:I know That I need to wait 24 hours to appeal a ban, And I don't have a great reason Other then I wanted to post this while its still fresh in my mind. As I have a very short term Memory, And tend to forget stuff Very Quickly (Its a side effect to some medications i'm on), If that's an Issue please let me know.

Hopefully I can be given a second Chance, As I enjoy the game Giveaways even If I haven't won anything yet!

PPS: @unity, If you don't mind me asking was it supposed to be a ban originally instead of a kick? or was the ban because I came back and I guess I was Kind of rude directly to you... *Unintentionally of course though*
"Unity ☣️: fuck America eh?
HaXoR_DB: no i said amurica
HaXoR_DB: not america Razz"
Sorry about that. =\ In my mind Its a big difference as it references *At least for me and my skype friends* the "America FK Yeah" song from "Team America"

Anyway Sorry about that I shall do my best not to post in the chat unless im posting Long Meaningful messages related to me trading, Or thanks for the giveaways! *Preferably after the chats settled down*

HaXoR_DB AKA jasonmbrown
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Re: [Group Chat Ban Appeal] - HaXoR_DB

Post by Sekai on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:04 pm

Unbanned by Sekai, enjoy your trip Unity Very Happy

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