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Dimitri's Group Moderator Application Empty Dimitri's Group Moderator Application

Post by Dimitri Awesometh on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:16 pm

1) Steam Username: Dimitri Awesometh
2) Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dimitritheawesome/
3) Age: 14 1/2
4) Time zone: GMT +-00:00
5) Your available hours on a daily basis: Weekdays 9 PM-12 AM, weekends 10 AM-12 AM

Previous experiences
6) List and describe your previous experiences as a mod/admin of an online community: I am a forum mod for Cakes Gaming Community, plus I have experience in live-support thanks to Scrap.TF taking me as a helper

7)Do you prefer working independently with minimum instructions or do you prefer supervised work with instructions?: I think I can handle myself in moderating.
8 )Why do you want to apply for this position?: I could have applied for group mod earlier, but I didn't want to because at the time I didn't think I could uphold giveaways, but since then I think I have grown enough confidence and skill and wealth to help in the group with giveaways and hold my own ones.
9) What do you plan to accomplish as a group moderator?  I think I could have more effect on the community through my combined forum mod status,  and hopefully I could get people to participate more in the forums.
10) What would you like to change about our community, if anything?: Right now, there isn't anything too big I want to change, but I would like to see a bigger emphasis on the forums.

Additional Information
11) How often do you participate in our group events/giveaways?: I try as often as I can when I'm online and not AFK.
12) Any additional information that you want to add to support your application (e.g referrals from current forum members)
Dimitri's Group Moderator Application 7Fj4k
Dimitri's Group Moderator Application 7TOVs

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