Oh hey there, it's Bixxta!

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Oh hey there, it's Bixxta!

Post by Bixxta on Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:54 pm

Steam Username: Bixxta
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bixxta/

Age: 17
Country: Canada

Favorite Steam Game (explain!): Team Fortress 2- I've got over 100 games in my library, from Mass Effect to Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, but I always find myself gravitating back to tf2. It's like an abusive relationship...

Favorite TF2 Class/Weapon/Map (explain!) Class: Scout- I used to absolutely suck at scout, but I now main as scout! I also quite enjoy playing PanScout. Weapon: Frying Pan- No explanation needed here. Map: Hightower- The ultimate fuck-around map. It's beautiful in it's simplicity.

How did you find Cakes Gaming Community/Why did you join Cakes Gaming Community: I was invited to the group a while back by a random friend, ended up being interested at how small it was.
What you like about Cakes Gaming Community: It's a great community oriented group, and it's a blast to play with

Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm also a moderator around here! I do giveaways and you'll find me playing TF2 waay too often. Signing off for now!

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