'Allo Community! Random CGC member here!

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'Allo Community! Random CGC member here!

Post by Avolicis on Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:37 pm

Steam Username: guywithoutacoolname / Avolicis
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/guywithoutacoolname?

Age: It's a sekret
Country: Canada's a great place eh

Favorite Steam Game: Well, right now I would have to say either Payday 2 or Warframe. They're both fun, the communities are friendly, and they're just overall nice to play.
Favorite TF2 Class/Weapon/Map: Pyro. W+M1./The fish, because who doesn't like humiliating people by slapping them with a slimy fish?/I don't really have a favourite map...

How did you find Cakes Gaming Community/Why did you join Cakes Gaming Community: I was invited to CGC early on. I joined because I felt like it.
What you like about Cakes Gaming Community: Most everything! Now that I've been a member for a while I've learned how well-organized and amiable the group actually is, even with the huge amount of members and giveaways. CGC feels like a very open-but-close group, and all the events and stuff feel genuine, not just a cheap tactic to get more members.

So, format aside, hello CGC Forums! I'm a typical everyday guy and I enjoy gaming and internet stuff. I like to be sarcastic and facetious sometimes to spice things up in community events and multiplayer games, which I play a lot of. Also I really like sp00ky games, root beer, and cryptocurrency. Of course, it's not like anyone cares about all this. Anyways, I'm honored to be a part of this community and I wish CGC the best of luck in its further endeavors!
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