Aristicus's Clan Application

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Aristicus's Clan Application

Post by Aristicus on Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:25 pm

Title: Aristicus's Clan Application

Steam Username: [CGC) Aristicus
Steam Profile Link:
Age: 16
Location: South Carolina
Total amount of TF2 hours played: 271
Amount of TF2 hours played during the past 2 weeks: 81.7
Other Steam Games that you play regularly: Divekick, McPixel, Skullgirls, Portal 2
Favorite TF2 Class: Scout, Demoman, Sniper, but mostly Sniper
Top 3 favorite TF2 maps to play on: Official? cp_foundry, ctf_2fort, and plr_hightower

How long have you been a part of the Cakes Gaming Community? About a week, I believe?
How often have you played on our TF2 server? I didn't know there was a server ;w; I'm sorry
How often have you participated in our group chat events? I've been to as many as I could

Why do you want to join the clan? Because it sounds fun, and I'd like to play a bigger part in the group than being "that one weird guy who just sits in group chat all day"
What does being a member of the clan mean to you? It means...well, being part of a clan, for this group. It'd mean I'm contributing more, I guess?
Have you been a part of any previous clans in Steam Groups? If so, please list the names: Nope, none at all.

Referrals: [CGC-M) Penny <3 Matthew™

Any additional information that you would like to add to support your application: Well, I might not be able to be on 24/7, but I'll likely be on during the weekend, and some weekdays. And I'm a pretty good Sniper (that 152 headshots you see in my records is from killing idlers, my record for killing people who were actually playing is 55). I don't really know what else to say :/
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