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Post by littlemadtiger on Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:08 pm

Introduction Format
Steam Username:[pG]Littlemadtiger^ESS^
Steam Profile Link:

Country:United States of America

Favorite Steam Game (explain!):Team Fortress 2. The game consists of a Single Player shooting game and a multiplier version where you battle with your friends and family on a quest to become a great player on Team Fortress 2. Those games to me, are quite fascinating and indeed, I prefer Team Fortress 2 because that is where I started learning SM/RCON Commands for servers and began to join groups related to different servers.
Favorite TF2 Class/Weapon/Map (explain!)
My favorite TF2 Class is the sniper and the map i love is sniper_hideout_110 with a machina so I can shoot some mother fuckers who try to kill me.

How did you find Cakes Gaming Community/Why did you join Cakes Gaming Community:
Through steam, and I joined because I saw the big chances this group would bring to the community.
What you like about Cakes Gaming Community:
-The admins, giveaways, and loving community.

And anything else you want to add!
_ I am from Lazio, Italia and Farzo Juve da americano

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