The Slenderborn Has Arrived

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The Slenderborn Has Arrived

Post by Kobold101 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:22 pm

Hello, I am, *dramatic unnecessary pause* Kobold101, and I am, the Slenderborn.

As you could probably tell from the intro, i try to be funny, but 70% of the time, i fail to, and make an ass outa myself in the process. Also t old from the title, i belive in the slenderman, and i like to think sometimes that im his son (some similar qualities, DONT F**KIN JUDGE ME). I have been playin tf2 for a few months now, locking in about 250 hours (yeah, no life) and i really enjoy playing it. one of the best goddamn games out there. aside from this, not much else is very intresting about me

cant wait to get to know some people here.


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