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Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application Empty Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application

Post by amatwiedle on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:50 pm

Just a heads up, I joined this group under the name “Rockmaster Roosevelt”, that was only a temporary name. I go by “amatwiedle” the majority of the time.

1) Steam Username:

2) Steam Profile Link:

3) Age:
I am fifteen years of age.

4) Time zone:
Central Standard Time

5) Your available hours on a daily basis (e.g weekdays 2 PM-8 PM, weekends 12 PM-10 PM):
I am available from 11AM to 1-2AM during the week, and on weekends I am available all day.

6) List and describe your previous experiences as a mod/admin of an online community:
I owned a steam group in the past that was a group for people that wanted people to play games with, TF2, L4D2, Gmod etc, but it ultimately died out because my officers quit. The experience was enlightening to say the least, and I understand the inner workings of steam groups because of it.

7)Do you prefer working independently with minimum instructions or do you prefer supervised work with instructions?
This question is hard to answer to be completely honest, but I would imagine I border between the two. I prefer to not have a huge rule set and pressure restricting how I work, but at the same time professionalism is key. I would prefer to have someone I answer to, but they let me work in a loose environment.

8 ) Why do you want to apply for this position?
I was taken back by the community when I first joined. In my experience, most gaming communities on steam have just the regulars and a few temporary members here and there, but this is not the case with CGC. Due to this awesome increase, the group chat has become extremely unruly and disorderly at times, and it pains me to see that people cannot abide by the very reasonable rules. I would like to change that to help this awesome community as it grows.

9) What do you plan to accomplish as a group moderator?
I plan to enforce the rules set by the officers in a friendly, calm manner at all times. I understand that an iron fist is required at times, but I believe that the way to win people over and make them comply with the rules is to approach it in a friendly manner. I also hope to help new members become strong pillars of this community by showing them the ropes, rules etc.

10) What would you like to change about our public community, if anything?
I would like to see that the giveaway managers announce the item(s) that are being given away. This would let the people who don't want the item(s) to leave the chat and give those who do a better chance at winning. Other than that, I don't see anything else that should be changed, this community is nearly perfect.

11) How often do you participate in our group events/giveaways?
Everytime I see an announcement about a chat giveaway I join, and I participate in every giveaway that the officers post in the announcements section. Plus I enjoy donating items so these can continue.

12) Name one or two referrals along with their Steam Profile link.  They must be members of this forum.
I have around 15 friends in this group who will all refer me, but none of them are apart of the web forum. The two I would put in here anyway would be “Setsuna_XIII” and “Funkmaster Lincoln”.

Thanks for taking the time to read my application, it means alot to me. - Amat
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Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application Empty Re: Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application

Post by littlemadtiger on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:41 pm

Nice Application. I will definitely put this as +1
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Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application Empty Re: Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application

Post by Unity on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:59 pm

Your opinions of the group is honest, unlike most of the other applicants out there. That's a huge +1 for me. What you plan to achieve is what i would like to see as a change in CGC's group. The fact that you owned a group which helped you gain experience an understanding of the inner workings of steam's community is quite a big selling point. Your steam profile description is rather empty at the moment and having remembered you saying how professionalism is key, I would want you to provide some information about yourself. There is one last thing i would want to include. You seem to have 2 names, one being Amat and the other being Will. Please clarify this issue. Well, that's all for now. I hope the guidance i provided would be sufficient enough to help you improve in your current mod application. Good luck! Smile

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Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application Q1NGUbw
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Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application Empty Re: Amatwiedle's Group Moderator Application

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